Our Services

Our clients are our partners and we become their trusted advisors

Advisory Services

We assess your current situation and match it up with your objectives.

Our services are based on real-time in-depth market knowledge combined with hands on expertise. The result is superior returns for our clients. Often clients do not realize they have assets that are under performing for a wide array of factors that impact the income the asset produces.

Our Service Procedure

  • First: Understand our clients needs and objectives
  • Then: Analyze their assets
  • Formulate: A plan to achieve client's objective with timeline
  • Implement: Monitor and fine tune to achieve client's objectives

MBG Co. provides a wide range of advisory and consulting services.

  • Analyze existing debt, restructure if necessary
  • Asset and portfolio analysis
  • Opinion of value
  • Profit and loss (operations) analysis
  • Market and submarket analysis
  • Asset Management
  • Due Diligence studies
  • Positioning to maximize revenue and contain expenses
  • Strategic planning for underperforming assets
  • Property Management analysis
  • Buy / Sell Decisions

Project Management & Construction Management

  • Meeting Our Clients' Needs: Clients need varying levels of assistance based on their experience. Being that each project is unique and decisions are not black and white, MSC helps guide clients through the delicate balancing act of weighing aesthetics against financial and other considerations. We guide the process so all the different stakeholders are involved and committed.

  • Projects: multi-family, condominiums (wood-frame and steel/concrete), industrial, special uses and renovations

  • Areas of Expertise: well-versed in all aspects of the development process, not limited to the following:

    - Assisting clients to evaluate sites
    - Feasibility studies
    - Value analysis
    - Interfacing with all government agencies
    - Procuring governmental approvals
    - Assisting in procuring financing
    - Managing the entire construction process
    - Assisting lease-up
    - Sale of the asset

  • Experience: Our great strength is our decades of experience combined with an attitude of strict financial and technical accountability with every individual or company working on a project.  This business practice fosters clear communications between all members of the project team and a heightened espirit de corps. This produces superior results and a positive experience for all involved in the project.